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“The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Like gold, U.S. dollars have value only to the extent that they are strictly limited in supply. But the U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or, today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost. By increasing the number of U.S. dollars in circulation, or even by credibly threatening to do so, the U.S. government can also reduce the value of a dollar in terms of goods and services, which is equivalent to raising the prices in dollars of those goods and services.”

Ben Bernanke, the current (2008) Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, in a speech he made on November 21, 2002 before the National Economists Club in Washington, D.C.

“Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves.”

Norm Franz

“Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men’s protection and the base of a moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper. This kills all objective standards and delivers men into the arbitrary power of an arbitrary setter of values. Gold was an objective value, an equivalent of wealth produced. Paper is a mortgage on wealth that does not exist, backed by a gun aimed at those who are expected to produce it. Paper is a check drawn by legal looters upon an account which is not theirs: upon the virtue of the victims. Watch for the day when it bounces, marked: ‘Account Overdrawn.’”

Ayn Rand

“For centuries, gold had a profound impact on history, as a symbol and a storehouse of wealth accepted universally around the world” “When people are worried about political instability, war or inflation, they often put their savings into gold.”

New York Federal Reserve Bank

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“Gold, unlike all other commodities, is a currency…and the major thrust in the demand for gold is not for jewelry. It’s not for anything other than an escape from what is perceived to be a fiat money system, paper money, that seems to be deteriorating.”

-– Alan Greenspan, ex-US Federal Reserve Chairman, August 23, 2011

“It is a sobering fact that the prominence of central banks in this century has coincided with a general tendency towards more inflation, not less. [I]f the overriding objective is price stability, we did better with the nineteenth-century gold standard and passive central banks, with currency boards, or even with ‘free banking.’ The truly unique power of a central bank, after all, is the power to create money, and ultimately the power to create is the power to destroy.”

Paul Volcker, ex Federal Reserve Chairman (in the Foreword of “The Central Banks”)

“Gold still represents the ultimate form of payment in the world. Fiat money in extremis (In grave or extreme circumstances) is accepted by nobody. Gold is always accepted.”

“Although gold and silver are not by nature money, money is by nature gold and silver.”

Karl Marx, Das Kapital – Volume 1, Chapter 2

“Before 1933 the people themselves had an effective way to demand economy. Before 1933, whenever the people became disturbed over Federal spending, they could redeem their paper currency in gold, and wait for common sense to return to Washington.”

Howard Buffett, father of Wall Street legend Warren Buffett

“I warn you that politicians of both parties will oppose the restoration of gold, although they may outwardly seemingly favor it. Also those elements here and abroad who are getting rich from the continued American inflation will oppose a return to sound money”

Howard Buffett, Warren Buffett’s father

“You have to choose between trusting to the natural stability of gold and the natural stability of the honesty and intelligence of the members of the Government. And, with due respect for these gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the Capitalist system lasts, to vote for gold.”

George Bernard Shaw

“To me the gold price takes the form of a very uncomplicated formula, and all you have to do is divide one by ‘n.’ And ‘n’, I’m glad you ask, ‘n’ is the world’s trust in the institution of paper money and in the capacity of people like Ben Bernanke to manage it. So the smaller ‘n’, the bigger the price. One divided by a receding number is the definition of a bull market.”

Jim Grant

When you recall that one of the first moves by Lenin, Mussolini, and Hitler was to outlaw individual ownership in gold, you begin to sense that there may be some connection between money, redeemable in gold, and the rare prize known as human liberty.”

Congressman Howard Buffett (Father of Warren Buffett) from a 1948 issue of the Commercial and Financial Chronicle

“An almost hysterical antagonism toward the gold standard is one issue which unites statists of all persuasions. They seem to sense – perhaps more clearly and subtly than many consistent defenders of laissez-faire – that gold and economic freedom are inseparable, that the gold standard is an instrument of laissez-faire and that each implies and requires the other.”

Alan Greenspan,“Gold and Economic Freedom”, 1966


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It is time to get your share of precious metals that you control, and no one can take away from you?

Owning precious metals is not speculating. It is investing in real, intrinsic value. Paper, fiat currency, backed by nothing but a promise, is speculating.

When there are pullbacks in precious metals prices and the Talking Heads on TV would try to convince you that it is time to move away from gold and silver, this is what those profiting from your enslavement to their paper Monopoly Money Scheme want you to think.

It would be better to start now, and average your costs by continuing to make regular exchanges of paper and digital currency for real, tangible currency with intrinsic value.

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What Kind of Nerd Are You?

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What Type of Nerd Are You?
It used to be there was 1 variety of nerd. The kind that wore higher socks and pocket protectors and acquired beat up. But then nerds acquired amazing, and out of the blue absolutely everyone needed to be 1. Oh, I'm this kind of a dork for heirloom olive oil! You know me—I'm this kind of a vinyl dweeb!
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新加坡知名基金Vulpes Precious Metals Fund投资组合经理Grant Williams认为,虽然美联储主席耶伦此前在FOMC会议上将美国通胀担忧轻描淡写,将其称之为“噪音”,但实际上美国通胀却不是空穴来风。美国良好的经济复苏 …
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Anglo Asian increases gold output in Azerbaijan

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Anglo Asian increases gold output in Azerbaijan
&quotWe think that with our value saving initiatives this kind of as reductions in cyanide fees and enhanced processing capacity at Gedabek our second half of 2014 overall performance will be significantly more powerful.&quot Its 2013 output rose to 52,068 ounces from 50,025 ounces in …
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Indie Rock Band Local Natives Joins Nissan "Off The Stage" Series in New

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Indie Rock Band Local Natives Joins Nissan &quotOff The Stage&quot Series in New
Local Natives are the most latest band to join Nissan's Off The Stage concert series, through witch the Japanese automobile maker is promoting their most current models. In the new promotion, the Silver Lake-based mostly band consider two Nissan Rogues into the dessert and …
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Certified Gold Exchange Applauds CFTC Ruling, Recommends Physical

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Certified Gold Exchange Applauds CFTC Ruling, Suggests Physical
Whether or not your gold investing programs revolve primarily close to home delivery or to safe your retirement with a licensed gold IRA, rest assured that the Licensed Gold Exchange is on your side. Our award-winning Household Gold Investing Division was produced …
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Chester collector buys 'abdication' coin for king's ransom

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Chester collector buys 'abdication' coin for king's ransom
Jordan Lott, of Regal Uncommon Coins, purchased the coin on behalf of the firm owner Mark Manning, at AH Baldwin &amp Sons in London. He explained he would have paid one more £50,000 to bag the piece, despite the truth it only includes £180 well worth of gold.
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Declaration on Hit List: American Superconductor (NASDAQ:AMSC), Barrick

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Declaration on Hit Record: American Superconductor (NASDAQ:AMSC), Barrick
Barrick Gold Corporation (USA) (NYSE:ABX) [Trend Evaluation] released a new executive management structure that will facilitate the company to meet the distinct demands and difficulties of the mining business in the 21st century. Kelvin Dushnisky and Jim …
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